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Keynote Speakers

Prof. Renato Machado Cotta
Combining integral transforms and bayesian inference in the direct and inverse analysis of heat and mass transfer problems
Renato Machado Cotta is Professor in the  Mechanical Engineering Dept. at POLI/COPPE/UFRJ, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro. Head of the Heat Transmission and Technology Laboratory, since 1994, and as Head of the Center for Analysis and Simulations on Environmental Engineering, CASEE, a research consortium involving EPRI (USA), Tetra Tech (USA), and COPPE/UFRJ (Brazil).

Alan Deakin
State of the art heat exchanger design in the process industries
Alan Deakin is a chartered engineer and Fellow of the Institution of Chemical Engineers.
He has both technical and advisory experience in heat transfer and energy usage across a range of process industries, including a multinational oil/petrochemical company, engineering contractor and UK based R & D consultancy.

Prof. David Kenning
Interaction Between Correlations and Mechanistic Studies
Prof David Kenning retired from Oxford University in 2003 and is now a visiting professor at Brunel University. He has worked on multiphase flow and heat transfer for 48 years, particularly on fundamental studies of boiling mechanisms based on localised measurements.

Prof. Omar Matar
Modeling of heat transfer with phase changes in the presence of interfacial flows
Omar Matar  is Professor of Fluid Mechanics in the Department of Chemical Engineering, Imperial College, London and an Exxon-Mobil Fellow.
He is currently working in the area of multiphase flows with emphasis on the detailed modeling of the dynamics of thin liquid films and slender jets, driven by Marangoni stresses, surface and bulk diffusion, gravitational, capillary, intermolecular forces and parametric forcing.

Prof. Irakli Shekriladze
Boiling  in  macro-and-micro systems: common regularities and particular features.
Irakli Shekriladze is Chief Researcher at the Department of Thermophysics, Georgian Technical University, Tbilisi, Georgia.
He has studied problems of heat transfer during condensation of flowing vapor, boiling, and phase change on capillary surfaces. He is currently working in the area of boiling heat transfer in macro-and-micro systems with emphasis on the governing role of the nucleation stage and specific thermo-hydrodynamic effects.

Prof. Yasuyuki Takata
Measurement of hydrogen thermophysical properties at high pressure.
Yasuyuki Takata is Professor at the Department of Mechanical Engineering Science, Kyushu University and Leader of the Hydrogen Thermophysical Properties Team at the Research Center for Hydrogen Industrial Use and Storage.
His current work involves building a comprehensive database of density, viscosity, thermal conductivity and specific heat capacity of hydrogen at high pressure and temperature.           

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